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what can classact do for you?

what can you do for classact?

You can participate in an innovative and visionary classmate-created leadership organization dedicated to positive social change and involving HR ’73 classmates.

  • Whatever stage of career or life you have reached, with whatever time and energy you can offer, you can join HR73 classmates to address important local, national, and international challenges by creating and supporting positive change.
  • You can work with classmates and other Harvard classes to foster a new culture of alumni engagement based on shared passions and a willingness to share your time and draw on your experience; you need not be an expert to apply your experience to creating change.
  • You can create or renew rewarding relationships with classmates and have fun while doing good work.

ClassACT initiatives reflect the diverse and broad interests of our class: from promoting leadership for addressing human and civil rights democracy, and the empowerment of women to health and health services, from advancing STEM skills for underserved youth and promoting female entrepreneurship in Africa to the mitigation of climate change, and the advance to voter and civic engagement.


ClassACT can support your passions and the work you already do.

If you are involved with a not-for-profit organization that you believe might benefit from ClassACT’s support; if you want help in turning your passion for a cause into action, ClassACT offers strategies to promote your interests and the needs of your organization. We can:

  • Work with you to define how classmates might help.
  • Provide guidance on how you can develop a project or other supportive activity.
  • Post information on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed about the organization you support and its needs, as well as cite relevant publications by you and others that bear on the challenges you seek to meet.
  • Develop a story (or stories) about your work and your “asks” that we can include in a newsletter to all classmates.
  • Connect you with classmates who have the expertise to address your specific short-term needs (e.g., planning, legal questions, financial analysis, governance, and fundraising)
  • Work together to create a discussion group to focus on a topic of interest to multiple classmates, through our website or electronically using video conferencing.



If you have a vision or a dream for how you would like to change the world but haven’t found a way to bring it to life, ClassACT may be able to help.  We can connect you with classmates who have shared interests and who can help you develop your ideas, design an initiative, and develop classmate participation that will support shared aspirations—even big, bold aspirations! 

And you can . . . 

  • Join in to our current ClassACT initiatives. Information is available throughout our website, which includes our Five-year report.  Board members are always happy to chat.  If you would like to be involved with any existing initiatives, we will connect you to the principal classmates involved.  
  • Register on our website:  Once you register you can not only keep up with ClassACT progress but access our contact files, check your information, and join discussion groups.
  • Read our bulletins, newsletters, and other information that we send out, visit our website, and give us feedback.
  • Respond to short email surveys that we periodically administer.
  • Let us know whether you want to share specific experiences/expertise or are looking for more general ways to be involved.  In some cases, specific expertise is needed to address a need, but often there is an even greater opportunity for classmates who just want to get involved because they are interested in a topic or challenge.  Board members can be contacted to start a conversation on several topics.  See the How to Help tab. 
  • Help ClassACT develop strategies and approaches to building our own organization.  We welcome advice in  organizational development as well as fundraising, working with foundations, marketing,  communications, and network development.  
  • Promote ClassACT to your friends within the Class of ‘73 and in other Harvard College and Graduate School classes.
  • Make a financial contribution to ClassACT to support our operating expenses.  ClassACT is a lean organization but there are operating expenses.  In addition, while ClassACT does not solicit funds for affiliated organizations, you may wish to help fund a ClassACT created initiative.  Contributions can be made on our website, by contacting us through our email address, or by contacting a Board member directly.  ClassACT can accept donations of securities.



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