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sustained collaborations

Sustained collaborations are mutually supportive relationships arising from Bridges or Class Acts that provide continuing opportunities for substantive classmate involvement.

Our relationship with JusticeAid began as a Bridge Project and evolved to several complementary bridging opportunities. Founded by classmate Stephen Milliken, JusticeAid uses music, art, and inclusive public conversation and outreach to fight injustice and promote the exercise of inalienable civil and human rights. Over the past five years, ClassACT has partnered with JusticeAid on concert and educational initiatives relating to juvenile justice, mass incarceration, the incarceration of innocent individuals, and mental health issues in prison systems. ClassACT has provided expertise in strategy, communications, and social media for JusticeAid events in New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and New York. Close to 50 classmates have been involved and ClassACT founding board member Therese Steiner has joined the board of JusticeAid.

In addition to the project listed below, we are looking to foster conversation, networking, and action among our classmates and others in the areas of Justice & Civic Engagement, the Environment, Education, and Health. Please check out How to Help to share your skills and interests, and send us an email to raise questions and promote other ideas. 


JusticeAid formed in 2013 around a simple but profound idea: to organize music and arts events to increase access to opportunity and justice for every person, regardless of their background or circumstance. We partner with outstanding artists and world-changing charities to fight for those most in need, and to ensure that liberty and justice are indeed inalienable rights for every human being.

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