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Call to ClassACTion: Turn out the Vote

This Forum is different! ClassACT has enlisted a team from Open Progress to train us, the "ClassACT Text Troop," to utilize text banking to reach out to  people of color and to young voters in general, to provide them with the information they need to register, vote by mail, or vote in person.  Even if you missed the forum, register here if you want to textbank!


Fascism: Are We There Yet?

October 20, 7-8:15pm EDT

Hitler. Mussolini. Hirohito. Totalitarian dictators whose names and ideologies are trapped in the pages of 20th century history lessons – or are they? Is it possible their ideas and policies are taking root in America right now, at a frighteningly rapid pace? Join us for Our Next #ClassACTForum.


JusticeAid Fall 2020 Concert

October 17, 8pm EDT

Join JusticeAid and music artists Rosanne Cash, Tom Morello, Regina Carter, Lila Downs, and Ivan Neville to rock for justice and voting rights in JusticeAid’s fall concert VOICES TO PROTECT THE VOTE. 100% of any money raised during the concert will go to support JusticeAid’s 2020 grantee-partner Election Protection, and their work fighting voter suppression and guaranteeing every American of voting age has access to the polls on November 3rd.


It’s not too late to change the world.

Welcome to ClassACT (Class—Achieving Change Together) HR73, a registered 501(c)(3) initiative of members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1973, who are working together for positive social change. We really believe it’s not too late to change the world!  The purposes of ClassACT are to bring together Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1973 classmates to address important local, national, and international problems by creating and supporting positive change; and, to create expanded, rewarding relationships among classmates

Want to know what we have accomplished to date? Check out the CLassACT Five Year Report!



Bridges can be small projects that connect needs of socially responsible organizations, started or actively supported by HR73 classmates, to classmate volunteers who are willing to assist, as well as other opportunities for classmates to network through informal assistance, educational opportunities, and other gatherings. 

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ClassACT has developed relationships with many organizations that arose from either Bridges or Class Acts.  These relationships provide continuing opportunities for substantive classmate involvement.  Have you considered connecting with ClassACT?  Take a step, browse the website, join the newsletter, connect with a classmate.

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Class Acts


Using fellowships, relationship-building, and public education as our tools, the BBLP will advance peace and human rights consistent with the principles Benazir Bhutto believed essential to modern societies--democracy, equality for women, reconciliation of religious and cultural differences, and education without gender or religious bias.  

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