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You can also take a look at our specific programs across interest areas. First, there are the Bridges, through which we embrace a variety of opportunities to connect classmates, who find value in conversations that do not necessarily fall within a well-defined project framework.  For example, Bridges can be simple connections that lead to helpful conversations among classmates and potentially to further help or connections with other resources.  To broaden ClassACT’s ability to connect classmates, we are also facilitating informal networks, topical discussions groups, educational events, and other regional gatherings.

ClassACT HR73 not only supports other organizations, but we create longterm projects of our own.  Consistent with our mission to support positive change, ClassACT has developed the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program (BBLP) in honor of our classmate, the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. The fellowships support scholars enrolled in the Edward S. Mason Program (MC/MPA) of the Kennedy School of Government. For more information on the Mason Program, visit the MC/MPA Edward S. Mason Program webpage. Using fellowships, relationship-building, and public education as our tools, the BBLP advances peace and human rights consistent with the principles--democracy, equality for women, reconciliation of religious and cultural differences, and education without gender or religious bias.

We also have longer, more established partnerships, or, sustained collaborations, with organizations like JusticeAid. Our relationship with JusticeAid began as a Bridge Project and evolved to several complementary bridging opportunities. Founded by classmate Stephen Milliken, JusticeAid uses music, art, and inclusive public conversation and outreach to fight injustice and promote the exercise of inalienable civil and human rights. ClassACT has partnered with JusticeAid on forums, concerts, and educational initiatives relating to juvenile justice, mass incarceration, the incarceration of innocent individuals, and mental health issues in prison systems. 




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