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ClassACT newsletters 

All members of the HR Class of '73 have been sent our ClassACT Chronicles, Bulletins, event announcements, and invitations, and will continue to get them unless they instruct us otherwise. You'll find the archive below.

If you are a non-class member but have joined ClassACT, you will receive future issues too!

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October 2020 - ClassACTions Bulletin

Highlights Include:

-ClassACT welcomes new board member Vivian Lewis '73

-Understanding Our Differences needs volunteers

-Portaits in Black, a series hosted by James Brown '73 focusing on the Black professional athlete experience


September 2020 - ClassACTions Newsletter

Highlights Include:

-A Big Assist for Bobby Clayton's Sports Analytics Club Program

-Understanding Our Differences is Newest Bridge Project

-UNAGB Hosts 75th Anniversary Virtual Forum


August 2020 - ClassACTions Bulletin

Highlights Include:

-Classmates in the News: Donna Brown Guillaume and Tom Cooper

-United Nations Association of Greater Boston, a ClassACT bridge, is teaching the next generation to be global citizens

-The Election is coming up! Check out some ClassACT supported volunteer opportunities 


July 2020 - ClassACTions Bulletin

Highlights Include:

-Farewell to BBLP Fellow Nadia Rehman

-Congratulations to Board Member Leigh Hafrey on winning the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society program “Ideas Worth Teaching” award.

-JusticeAid Updates


June 2020 - ClassACTions Bulletin

Highlights Include:

-Whose Independence Day Is This? Social Justice and Racism in America Zoom Forum

-Pandemic Proactivity with classmates David Weeks and Ron Dieckmann

-Board Member Rick Weil wins NSF grant for “Community Cooperation in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”


May 2020 - ClassACTions Newsletter

Highlights Include:

-Voices to Protect the Vote: JusticeAid Virtual Concert

-Our Voter & Civic Engagement Initiative is taking off!

-Catch up on our Age of COVID-19 Zoom Forums


March 2020 - ClassACTions Newsletter

Highlights Include:

-A Letter from Board Chair Jonathan Sprague on COVID-19

-The Voter & Civic Engagement Initiative

-Updates from ClassACT's Bridges


February 2020 - ClassACTions Bulletin

Highlights Include:

-ClassACT's new Voter & Civic Engagement Initiative

-JusticeAid Concert + Public Forum in May!

-ClassACT Regional Event in Dayton/Cincinnati in July!


December 2019 - ClassACTions Newsletter

Highlights Include:

-Tom Cooper Shores up Media Ethics

-Update on the BBLP Fellows

-Health Updates from Ron Dieckmann and Jono Quick


October 2019 - ClassACT Bulletin

Highlights include:

-BBLP hosts reception for newest fellow Nadia Rehman

-JusticeAid announces the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law as 2020 beneficiary

-Classmate Updates 


September 2019 - ClassACT Newsletter

Highlights include:

-ClassACT's newest board member, Rick Weil

-BBLP announces 2019-20 fellow Nadia Rehman

-ClassACT partners with the United Nations Association of Greater Boston


September 2019 - ClassACT Bulletin

Highlights include:

-Sports Analytics Club presents at the Whitehouse 

-Kids Care Everywhere Autumn Soirée

-Highlights from the ClassACT Survey


June 2019 - ClassACT Bulletin

Highlights include:

-Dick Friedman's write-up and Rick Brotman's video on our Weatherhead Assembly

-Classmate Updates!


February 2019 - ClassACT & BBLP Bulletin

Highlights include:

-The April 12th Weatherhead Assembly

-South Asia Symposium - Challenges Facing the Leaders of tomorrow

-ClassACT Classmate Shoutout!


January 2019 - ClassACT Newsletter

Highlights include:

- Dinner with Malala Yousafzai

- BBLP Assembly with Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

- Classmates Working for Social Change


October 2018 - ClassACT Newsletter

Highlights include:
- JusticeAid in NYC
- ClassACT at Reunion
- Thank you, classmates


September 2018 - ClassACT Newlsetter

Highlights include:
- Classmates Reunite
- Thank you, Winkie Creamer!
- ClassACT Change the World

September 2018 - ClassACT Newsletter

Highlights include:
- Looking forward to Reunion
- A message from Holly Weeks
- Early College Awareness


September 2018 - ClassACT Newsletter

Highlights include:
- Kids Care Everywhere, Costa Rica
- A message from Emily Fields Karakashian
- Sharing our goals


August 2018 - ClassACT Newsletter

Highlights include:
- Andrea Kirsh and Yeou-Cheng Ma, Children's Orchestra Society
- A message from Hugh Kelleher
- ClassACT's beginnings


July 2018 - BBLP Update

Highlights include:
- Introducing the 2018 Fellows
- 2018 Mehta Lecturer


July 2018 - ClassACT Bulletin

Highlights include:
- Spring 2018 Event Wrap-Up:
- Chicago ClassACT Weekend
- Cambridge Jeffersonian Dinner
- Washington D.C., JusticeAid


May 2018 - BBLP Update

Highlights include:
- Radcliffe Lecturer: Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
- Looking back on Weatherhead Symposium
- BBLP Director meets with Afghanistan's Attorney General


April 2018 - International Health Connections

Highlights include:
- Improving global pediatric care
- Healthcare in Haiti
- Ending Epidemics


April 2018 - Jeffersonian Dinner

Highlights include:
- America's bloated prison population
- Jeffersonian Dinner in NYC
- Art for Justice Fund


February 2018 - BBLP Update

Highlights include:
- Fellowship News
- Network, Mentors, Advisors
- Upcoming Cambridge Events


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“I am delighted with a new opportunity to work with other classmates, through ClassACT HR73, to advance philanthropic opportunities in remote sites around the globe.” 

-Ron Dieckmann

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