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 A Ten Point Plan For Building A Board Of Directors In The Nonprofit World

With Dr. Ron Dieckmann '73

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Click above to play the webinar, edited by Rick Brotman '73

Creating a nonprofit organization is a powerful way to advance your charitable cause. An engaged Board of Directors that shares passion, values, and resiliency is critical for ongoing operations and sustainability. Dr. Ron Dieckmann, Harvard ClassAct73 Board Member, is the Founder and Executive Director of KidsCareEverywhere—a California 501(c)3 nonprofit that has trained over 10,000 physicians in 25 developing countries. Ron will take you into his poignant and unpredictable world of technology, disasters, and global health to illustrate his own challenges and mistakes in building and re-building his Board over 17 years.

ClassACT HR73 offers pro bono assistance to nonprofits either founded or run by classmates as well as supporting classmates who are involved in organizations that want to change the world. In order to help these organizations to further their objectives, we plan to offer assistance via a series of webinars that will be recorded and archived on the ClassACT HR73 website for their use and access at any time.

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