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Thursday, May 11th, 2023, 7-8:30pm ET

We have created a video from this conversationone of the whole event. It is available by clicking "play" on the YouTube video screen below. 

The Bridges of ClassACT HR73 link classmates across the globe to non-profits that each day feed the hungry, organize for racial equality, immerse school children in the joy of music, and protect our fragile planet. Through our ties to these champions of so much that is good, ClassACT members continue to find new ways to connect with and learn from one another. The 11 Bridges that ClassACT HR73 supports are in many ways its greatest treasure.

Classmates who have forged these bonds with non-profits in their communities joined ClassACT Board members and moderator Leigh Hafrey for a forum on their work. This Zoom event aimed to inspire ClassACT members and other viewers to propose new Bridge connections and discover ways that we can share our skills and expertise with existing ones. The conversation focused on the contributions of these Bridges to ClassACT’s four primary areas of interest: health, education, justice & civic engagement, and the environment.

Joining Leigh Hafrey, who teaches at the MIT Sloan School of Management, was ClassACT Board member Rick Weil, who works with two New Orleans non-profits, The Roots of Music and Ole & Nu Fellas Social Aid and Pleasure Club, organizations that offer academic support and music instruction to the children of that great city. Also joining Leigh is Board member Stan Mark, who oversees the Healthcare Working Group, and Board member Ron Dieckmann, the creator and classmate sponsor of KidsCareEverywhere, a nonprofit that provides cutting-edge pediatric knowledge to physicians in developing countries worldwide. Class of 1973 members who contribute to eight other Bridges will describe the ways that organizations such as The Children’s Orchestra Society, the United Nations Association of Greater Boston, and the Osiligi-Hope Foundation have improved the lives of the people they serve.


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