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September 24, 2020

This ClassACT Forum is different! Many of us are struggling to figure out what we as individuals can do to promote a fair election process for all citizens and we want to “get out the vote!”

ClassACT, as a part of its Voter & Civic Engagement Initiative, enlisted a team from Open Progress/ (a non-partisan effort devoted to getting out the vote) to train us, the "ClassACT Text Troop," to utilize “text banking” to reach out to  people of color and to young voters in general, to provide them with the information they need to register, vote by mail, or vote in person. Classmates who have already done the training and who are using this platform say it is effective, fun, and easy to understand. Open Progress also has a great support team. So if you know how to email, you can do it. 

The election on November 3 will determine the course of our nation. We need to elect honest people from across the political divide who will dedicate themselves to reconstructing American democracy for the benefit of all citizens no matter what their race, creed, socio-economic status, or country of origin.

Our host for the Forum was ClassACT board member, Therese Steiner. Before we began our training she introduced and screened three short films, representing  the social media winners  of the of the JusticeAid Film Prize, a special award created by ClassACT’s long term partner JusticeAid for the Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge, created by Civic Life Project. The JusticeAid Film Prize recognizes young documentary filmmakers and social media creators who are using their art to get out the vote and promote civil rights and social justice. You can view the whole forum here.


We have created 5 videos from this forum--one of the whole event, and 4 others, divided by topic. They are all available by clicking on the image of the YouTube video screen below. Then, you can either click "play all" on the left side of your screen and the videos will play in succession, or pick and choose which videos you want to watch, all of which are listed on the right.



@theresesteiner  @ClassACThr73  @JusticeAid_

Therese Steiner, host of the event, is co-chair with Bahman Mossavar-Rahmani of ClassACT’s Voter & Civic Engagement Committee, a founding board member of ClassACT, and a board member of JusticeAid. After a 13 year career in public television, serving as Deputy Director of the Production Center at public television WNET/ Thirteen, Therese has worked as a consultant with media and entertainment companies such as ESPN, PBS, Viacom, Showtime,, among others. She is currently developing a documentary on Cuban American baseball scout Alex Pompez, based upon a manuscript by HR ’73 classmate Anthony Hill.

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