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Sponsor: David Weeks


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Mission: The Osiligi-Hope Foundation seeks to empower the Punyua clan of the Maasai tribe in the Narok district of Kenya by promoting the value of education, securing local access to health care, preserving the Maasai heritage and marketing their traditional beaded handicraft.

Impact Model:


Continuation of the practice of female circumcision; girls only being educated through primary school; need for medical care (especially for women)


The Punyua clan of the Maasai tribe in the Narok district of Kenya


Advocacy for gender equity in education and eradication of female circumcision

Built the Osiligi Medical Dispensary for maternal and emergency care & second Osiligi Medical Center housing pharmacy, dentist office, vision center and lab for traditional medicine nearly completed. Plans for hospital ward submitted to contractor


The end of female circumcision in the Punyua clan; adolescent girls extending their education beyond primary school; improved health care; and the creation of the Osiligi Women’s Craft Cooperative encouraging cross-generational perpetuation of the signature Maasai beaded craft work and their sale in the U.S.A.



We envision the Maasai people empowered with accessible, quality health care, educational opportunity to fully meet the potential of everyone and having an economy that will ably sustain the Maasai heritage and its contemporary culture.

Current Status and Project Goals: Since 2012 David Weeks HR73 has been collaborating with Kikanae Punyua of the Punyua clan of the indigenous Maasai people in Kenya to end ritual circumcision and promote the empowerment of girls and women. The Osiligi Foundation was established to fund prenatal, natal and post-natal care in a health care facility close to clan members’ homes. A medical dispensary has been built and a second medical facility housing a pharmacy, traditional medicinal lab, a dentist office and a vision center is nearly complete; plans for the third medical facility, a hospital ward, have been drawn and the location established. The local Narok Health Department will provide medical staff and equipment in return for eventual residential accommodation in the hospital ward for the medical team supporting all three facilities. In three additional Foundation initiatives, 1) adolescent girls have now extended their education beyond the primary level by attending the Ntulele high school 2) the Osiligi Women’s Craft Cooperative fosters the production and sale in the U.S. of cross-generational signature Maasai beaded craft work; and 3) a cultural center promoting Maasai culture and showcasing Maasai heritage and arts and crafts is planned.

Skills and Assistance Needed:

  • Videography to depict the rich heritage of the Maasai people

  • Grants and other resources to support the construction of a hospital ward and a cultural center
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, architectural, structural engineering and archival consultation
  • Interior design for dentist office, pharmacy, hospital ward and community center

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