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Sponsor: David Weeks


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Mission: The Salih Self Development Center provides health education and vocational training to the disadvantaged people in the community of Aboabo, Kumasi, Ghana to empower them with the knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency.

Impact Model:


Inadequate access to health education or job training


The disadvantaged people in the community of Aboabo, Kumasi, Ghana


Health and environmental education along with vocational training programs in sewing, computer science and the industrial arts will be provided by the Salih Center on its two-acre property


Administration of public health fairs on diabetes and hypertension

Two temporary centers for sewing and computer science established

Land purchased, well drilled and caretaker building constructed for final vocational center



Aboabo residents will be empowered with knowledge and skills to be self- sufficient. With individual economic independence the entire community will attain a better standard of living.

Current Status and Project Goals: Approximately 500 Aboabo residents have received aid from the Salih Self Development Center and 50 students have acquired vocational training. The aid has resulted from Salih Center Health Fairs, where food, magnification glasses, and diabetes test kits have been distributed. Hypertension assessments and glucose testing have also been conducted at these Fairs. Colorful clothing sewn by the students in the Salih Self Development Center sewing facility have been transported to the United States and been sold at an International Holiday Bazaar at the Glenelg Country School, in Ellicott City, Maryland. Salih Self Development Center Board Member and Director of Glenelg Country School Global Education, David Weeks, has organized the International Holiday Bazaar and he has sent funds back to the Salih Center’s sewing program that have been raised from the sale of clothing items and donations. Realizing that their clothing has been successfully sold in the United States has been empowering for the students in the Salih Self Development Center’s sewing program. Visit for achievement updates.

Skills and Assistance Needed:

  • Assistance in developing grant proposals for funding the new Salih Self Development Center

  • Educators with experience in developing vocational training programs
  • Entrepreneurs with experience in transforming plastic trash to building materials
  • Solar energy, public health and website development consultation

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